Voice Lessons

Recently, Wendelken Piano Studio has responded to popular demand and expanded its faculty to include Voice lessons. Our voice lesson students receive top-notch classical training, but with the added benefit and prestige of the Royal Conservatory Curriculum and College Credit.

We have a studio-owned digital recorder for making professional-quality voice recordings right here in the studio.

We have absolutely top-notch teachers: Concert-trained in the best universities and music conservatories in the US and Europe. All of our teachers are degreed in Music Performance, most with Masters and pending Masters Degrees.

Our voice lessons are fun and our training is first rate. No reason great voice lesson training can’t be enjoyable!

Voice Lessons

Our voice teachers are degreed, concert-trained vocalists who can teach students from early levels to Advanced, Folk, Art Songs, Musical Theater and more.

Voice Lessons Tampa

Students of Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts play in the following groups:

• Pinellas Youth Symphony
• Patel Conservatory Youth Orchestra
• Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus
• Summer Camps at Belmont College in Tennessee and SUNY, New York
• Hillsborough All County Band
• Pinellas All County Band
• Pasco All County Band
• Hillsborough All County Orchestra

9 Benefits of Voice Lessons
(That Have Nothing to Do with Voice)

When I first started teaching voice improvement, I had no idea how many fantastic benefits would result just by discovering your ‘real’ voice. Yes, the voice that is powered by means of your chest cavity versus your throat and vocal folds (cords) is richer, warmer, deeper and mature-sounding. And, with your ‘real’ voice, you can increase your volume without shouting and also eliminate vocal abuse.

The other results, however, are truly amazing and have nothing to do with the voice. You will feel more confident. It is wonderful to see the increase in our students’ self-esteem when they learn the correct voice techniques.

  1. You will be able to eliminate minor pain. While this may come as a surprise, the reason is that in order to find your true voice, you must learn to breathe with the support of your diaphragm. In doing so, you eliminate the toxins in your blood that shallow or lazy breathing (which is typical of 99% of the population) is unable to do.
  2. You will fall asleep faster and be able to sleep longer. Again, it is the breathing that makes the difference.
  3. You will be able to eliminate much more of the stress in your life. Yes, it is because of the breathing.
  4. You will have greater physical endurance. What this means is that you will be able to jog for greater lengths of time and even hit a golf ball further. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? It is true because I have heard this and more from our voice students.
  5. You will be able to lower your blood pressure. Wow! This one took me by surprise; but, one of our students told me that when he gets on his exercise bike in the morning if he breathes correctly with support, his blood pressure goes down.
  6. You will discover the best means of controlling your nervousness in any form of public speaking.
  7. You will look better because your posture will improve.
  8. You will have more energy throughout your day again because you are filtering out those nasty toxins that upper chest breathing cannot do.
  9. Studies show you will add more than 4 years to your life expectancy.
Singing Lessons Tampa

It is truly stunning how the right approach for improving the sound of your speaking voice will improve your life dramatically. Could your life use some of these benefits? Not to mention the delight singing will bring to you and those you sing for. Singing is a natural mood-elevator, and all you need is a first-rate voice lessons provided by an accredited voice teacher!