Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher – Mary Wendelken

Tampa Piano Teacher

Today we want to spend a little time introducing your Tampa piano teacher, Mary Wendelken! Mary is the founder and director of music here at Tampa Piano School as well as an intermediate+ level piano teacher among other things!

Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher – Mary Wendelken

Now a beloved Tampa piano teacher, Mary Wendelken came to the United States 22 years ago from England. Mary is a concert-trained pianist with a love for the caliber of music instruction that was nowhere to be found in the Tampa Bay area! Intent on bringing the level of study that can be found in Manhattan, London, Paris, and Singapore, Mary began the Wendelken Studio of Music.

Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher: A Piano Protege

A protege of Tung Kwong-Kwong (from the direct teaching lineage of Liszt, Beethoven, Haydn, Czerny, and others) and Piers Lane of the Royal Academy of Music, London and famous concert pianist with the BBC, Mary is a concert-trained pianist with a real passion for music.

Driven by her desire to bring her caliber of music to Tampa Bay, Mary set out to create a school that offered children and adults alike the opportunity to immerse themselves in a quality musical experience.

Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher: Royal Academy of Music Affiliation

In the late 1990’s the Wendelken Studio of Music became affiliated with the Royal Academy of Music. To date, the school remains the only Royal Conservatory of Music School for hundreds of miles. In fact, Mary’s efforts to bring Royal Conservatory of Music study to the United States earned her recognition as one of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Founding Teachers in the U.S. in 2004.

The Royal Conservatory of Music is a non-profit music education institution that is headquartered in Canada. As one of the biggest and most respected music education institutions around the globe, the RCM offers a structured curriculum that includes beginner through advanced education courses. Although students enrolled in RCA programs follow the program individually, the method of teaching and the material covered under the program is standardized.

Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher: The Teaching Philosophy of Tampa Piano School

Mary knew what she was looking to create when she started the Tampa Piano School. Not only was she seeking to create a top class music experience where beginners could learn from the best and the advanced could take their talent to the next level.

One of the ways that Mary implements this targeted teaching method is to utilize one-on-one sessions versus group classes. While other schools might praise the benefits of group classes, the truth is that they do little but line the pockets of teachers and music schools. Students are only able to benefit from their teachers when they receive instruction through a tailored music program and this is simply not possible during group classes.

Another way that Mary helps her students to excel is through a comprehensive teaching program that includes the application of the principles of piano performance, learning styles, psychology, and child development. This holistic approach to learning differs greatly from most music schools and private piano teachers in Tampa because it teaches piano by building a strong foundation in music as a whole.

Meet Your Tampa Piano Teacher: Other Ways That Mary’s Teaching Approach Differs

In addition to her holistic approach to teaching the piano, Mary and her fellow students teach students using a VAK (visual, audial and kinesthetic) learning style. How does this differ from other teachers and music schools in Tampa? It focuses on using talented and skilled teachers to pass on their knowledge of music by observing their students and tailoring their teaching approach to the learning method of the individual. This doesn’t only make learning an easier process for students and help them to see faster progress, but it also makes learning fun. Instead of forcing every student to learn in a similar way, Mary believes in working with students on a personal basis which makes sure that learning isn’t a grueling process.

Mary also believes in providing her students with the best instruments possible in the music studio. Having access to top quality musical instruments helps to reflect the true talent of music students and encourages students to continue developing their talent.

Programs Offered Through Wendelken Studio of Music

Mary spends a good deal of her time teaching advanced piano students as well as teaching musicianship, voice, and ensembles. The Wendelken Studio of Music does have other programs to offer, however, including violin, cello, and viola. What began as a small program that began with a dream to bring quality music to the Tampa area quickly grew into a full-blown music school with recognition from the Royal Conservatory of Music!

Are You Looking for a Tampa Piano Teacher, Cello, Viola, or Violin Teacher, or Maybe a Voice Instructor?

If you are looking for a premium quality music teacher in the Tampa Bay area from a school that has received recognition like no other within hundreds of miles, consider calling Tampa Piano School. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to music or an old hand at your instrument of choice, the skilled teachers at Wendelken Studio of Music will help you to nurture your talent and become the musician you want to be.

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