Tampa Piano Studio Faculty: Meeting Our Teachers

Tampa piano studio

Our Tampa piano studio has a sense of community that you’d be hardpressed to find at any other piano school in New Tampa. Some of the most important bricks in the foundation of that community are our faculty members. So, today we want to take a moment to get to know Tampa piano school staff!

Tampa Piano Studio Faculty

Mary Wendelken

Our school founder, Mary Wendelken is also a teacher of intermediate to advanced piano, musicianship, voice, and ensembles. 22-years ago, Mary came to the U.S. from England and soon noticed a lack of first-class classical music training. A concert-trained pianist and protege’ of Tung Kwong-Kwong and Piers Lane of the Royal Academy of Music, London and famous concert pianist with the BBC, Mary quickly realized that it was her calling to establish Tampa piano studio that offered this type of top quality musical education. She then went on to create the only Royal Conservatory of Music School for hundreds of miles and in 2004, she was named as one of the original founding teachers responsible for bringing the Royal Conservatory of Music to the United States. Despite her somewhat daunting talent and qualifications, Mary is devoted to making piano playing fun and exciting for all ages.

Bryan Macke

Bryan Macke is our teacher of violin, viola, cello, and musicianship. Bryan found his love of music at a very young age, learning to read music at the same time he was learning to read and write. He brings a passion for learning that inspires music students of all ages and talent levels and a patience that allows his many students to truly flourish. From young children to older adults, Bryan believes that anyone can learn to play with the right instruction.


Jelena Becejac

Jelena Becejac is one of our piano teachers. Growing up in Serbia, Jelena found solace in the beauty of the piano and with a little inspiration from her own piano teacher, Jelena began to nurture her talent. As a young artist, she took part in many international competitions and became the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. She now funnels that same passion and enthusiasm that she has for the piano into teaching others to play the piano too!


Peter Fancovic

Peter Fancovic is one of our piano teachers as well as a teacher of musicianship and theory. Having performed in concert halls in three of the world’s continents, Peter is an award-winning pianist who began his music career as a student but soon discovered a passion for playing that would grow into a passion for teaching too!


Tampa Piano Studio Contact Information

If you are interested in taking lessons at our Tampa piano studio or if you are interested in your child taking lessons at our Tampa piano studio, feel free to contact us for more information! You can give us a call at 813-978-1771 and make an appointment to take a tour of our facility.