Tampa Piano School Piano Lessons and Language Learning

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Tampa piano school piano lessons can help your child to get a better hold on language by building up their language skills, at least that’s what a recent article from Time magazine tells us. Interested in learning more about how this happens? Let’s take a look!

Tampa Piano School Piano Lessons and Language Learning

According to the recently published article by Jamie Ducharme, mastering the complex system of tones and sounds that make the piano the piano, can also help your child to develop their language skills. How? Well, according to John Gabrieli, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, early exposure to practicing the piano actually enhances the brain’s ability to process sound. This enhanced processing isn’t limited to music, however, it also applies to the processing of language!

John Gabrieli explains that with increased practice, our children become more able to distinguish between tone and pitch and at the same time, they become more able to distinguish subtle differences in spoken language as well. It is our ability to distinguish between differences in language that allows us to decipher one word from another and this is a necessary component of learning and understanding any language.

In a recent study, Gabrieli was able to prove that of three groups of children – one who took three 45 minute piano lessons a week, one who had three 45 minute additional reading instruction a week, and one who received neither – the children who received piano lessons were much more skilled at distinguishing between two words that differed by only a single consonant. This difference, Gabrieli says, is the result of better complex language processing, that is, children who practice piano regularly had brains that were better able to make a snap decision when it came to deciphering two similar words from each other. While Gabrieli’s study only focused on piano lessons, he also believes that his findings could extend into other areas of music as well, for example, violin, cello, and viola.

Incredibly, the results of Gabrieli’s study were so impactful that the Beijing institute where the study took place continued offering their students piano lessons even after the study had been terminated! Gabrieli was pleased with the decision stating that the more advanced a child is in their ability to play the piano, the more advanced their language skills are likely to be.

So, what do you think? Could your child use a little help when it comes to grasping the English language? Or perhaps they are learning a second language and having a little trouble distinguishing between sounds? That’s where Tampa Piano School comes in! We can help your child to develop their musical ability and enhance their language skills too!

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