Tampa Piano Lessons: 10 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Playing Piano

Tampa piano lessons

When it comes to Tampa piano lessons, here at Tampa Piano School we have the honor of teaching many of the area’s young prodigies. One of our favorite parts of what we do is watching our┬ástudents flourish and today we want to share just a few of the benefits that we have observed firsthand.

10 Benefits of Tampa Piano Lessons to Your Child

1. Improved Patience Levels

Children who take piano lessons and learn about the importance of timing to musical pieces have shown to have increased patience levels compared to those who have not.

2. Increased Self-Esteem

Children who learn to play the piano have been shown to have a higher sense of self-esteem which is thought to be the result of the feeling of accomplishment achieved when playing a musical piece.

3. Communication

Children who have trouble with communication have frequently shown improvement in communication and their ability to connect with others through playing the piano.

4. Complex Task Completion

Taking piano lessons has been shown to improve the ability of children to perform more complex tasks. This skill stems from the various complex tasks required of them when playing the piano. For example, coordinating the left and right hand while playing, using the piano pedals while playing, and playing while anticipating what is to come next.

5. Perseverance

Children who take piano lessons are more likely to persevere when they encounter difficulty with a task versus children who do not take music lessons. This characteristic results from the repetition required from practicing musical pieces and the sense of accomplishment after finally mastering a piece.

6. Better Listening Skills

Learning how to play the piano through regular piano lessons doesn’t just improve a child’s ability to listen, but it teaches them to follow instructions as they are given.

7. Better Response to Criticism

Children can be particularly sensitive to criticism, but children who take regular piano lessons have been shown to respond much more positively to criticism compared to children who do not learn how to play the piano. This results from regular instruction, correction, and perseverance.

8. Confidence

Children often lack confidence but taking piano lessons and performing in piano recitals increases their level of confidence by praising their talent and focusing on the hard work that they have put into a task.

9. Discipline

Children go through phases where certain behavioral concerns like a lack of discipline are common. Children who learn to play the piano by taking piano lessons show a much lower level of rebellion and a higher level of discipline compared to those who do not. This results from the discipline required to learn the piano.

10. Better Memory Skills

Children who take piano lessons frequently have to use their memory to recall note placement on the keyboard and to recall musical compositions from memory.

Are You Interested in Tampa Piano Lessons For Your Child?

Are you interested in Tampa piano lessons for your child? If so, our Tampa Piano School can help! We offer the best instruments available to all of our students and our piano lessons are all individually taught to ensure that your child receives the quality instruction that they deserve.