Tampa Piano Academy Shares Common Characteristics of Great Piano Players

Tampa piano academy

At our Tampa piano academy here at Wendelken Studio of Music, we see many great piano players come through our doors. Over time,  we have come to recognize some of the characteristics common to many of the greatest and today we’re sharing them with you!

Tampa Piano Academy Shares Common Characteristics of Great Piano Players


A great piano player is someone who is patient. Patience plays an important role in being a successful musician because a short temper and being easily frustrated simply don’t allow a musician to grow in the way that they need to! Without patience, you will not practice the piano regularly and you will not be able to build on your existing talent to become truly great.


Persistence, like patience, is another important characteristic of great piano players because giving up easily simply shouldn’t be an option! As a musician, you will encounter musical compositions that are challenging and you need to be able to persevere and persist if you are to conquer those pieces and continue to nurture your talent.


As you move further into your piano playing career, you will notice that bravery becomes an important part of your life. When you first begin playing, you will spend a lot of time practicing your technique and nourishing your talent but as you grow, you will begin to venture into performance pieces that require you to perform in a competitive environment. Bravery is necessary if you are going to perform under pressure while playing for an audience and not let that pressure interfere with your playing.

A Desire For Continued Education

In any occupation or hobby, it’s necessary to continue to learn if you are going to continue to grow and learning to play the piano is no exception. There is always something to improve upon as a musician, always something to learn, always something to challenge you, and you have to want that and be dedicated to it in order to succeed. As a musician continued education means regular practice times, taking on challenging musical pieces, and that means setting aside time to do those things.

A Willingness to Live Modestly

If you are to be a musician for a living or even a teacher, it’s important that you understand the financial limitations that that situation brings. Most musicians and music teachers are not going to rise to the level of fame where money isn’t an issue, so if you do intend on devoting your life to your music, you have to be willing to accept a modest lifestyle. If you are not willing to accept a modest lifestyle you are not going to last long in music!

Enjoyment of Music

With all of the above factors in mind, it’s crucial that you have an enjoyment of music because there are days when dedication is only going to get you so far!

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