10 Reasons to Choose Tampa Piano School For Your Tampa Music Lessons

10 Reasons to Choose Tampa Piano School For Your Tampa Music Lessons

Are you considering Tampa music lessons but feeling overwhelmed by the number of Tampa music schools available? We understand. With so many schools to choose from, it can be incredibly stressful to find the right one, so allow us to lay out 10 reasons why we may be right for you!

10 Reasons to Choose Tampa Piano School for Your Tampa Music Lessons

1. Wendelken Studio of Music Offers Varied Music Programs

Here at Wendelken Studio of Music, we don’t just offer piano lessons, we offer a range of music programs to accommodate students with varied interests. In addition to piano lessons, we also offer violin, viola, cello, and singing lessons.

Although we began as a piano school, Wendelken has since expanded to include programs that accommodate requests of our students for additional programs.

2. We Believe in Teaching More Than Instruments

We believe that music is about more than just learning an instrument. While learning to play an instrument is one of our goals, we also believe that music lessons should be about learning skills that you can utilize in your everyday life.

When we teach music here at Wendelken, we also teach focus, coordination, quieting the busy mind, and much more. You’d be surprised at how many areas of your life can be improved through the creative experience and we’re dedicated to helping you to discover them!

3. We Are a Royal Conservatory of Music Professional & Studio Affiliate

The Royal Conservatory of Music is dedicated to the development of human potential through music and arts education. Here at Wendelken, we have the same goals for all of our students and are proud to be affiliated with the RCM.

The broad RCM curriculum exposes our students to a wide range of musical genres. In addition to working with our students on repertoire pieces for annual examinations, training also includes theory, ear training, sight-reading, and technical exercises. We ensure that our students are ready to tackle their examinations with confidence.

4. We Offer a Specialty Children’s Music Program

Where many music schools offer one universal program for all of their students, here at Wendelken, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to music.

Our children’s music program is one of the unique programs that we have that makes us different. Our Junior School program is tailored to the individual abilities of our students and is designed to guide your child through their first lesson to their RCM grade completion.

5. We Don’t Believe in Pressuring Our Students

There is a difference between motivating students to learn through desire and pressuring students to learn. Teaching children through pressure is no way to teach them to love music, in fact, it does the exact opposite, it takes the fun right out of it.

We cultivate a love for music in all of our students by working with their desires, their skills, and providing a positive learning environment; it’s the only way to get creativity to bloom.

6. Our Teachers Love What They Do!

At Tampa Piano School every one of our teachers has a love for music, but they also absolutely love teaching music! We believe that in order to cultivate a love for music in our students, our music teachers need to have that same passion.

No one can enjoy anything when they’re being taught by someone who lacks enthusiasm, which is why there are so many horror stories of childhood piano lessons floating around out there. But when you learn from Wendelken Studio teachers, the learning experience is like no other. Our students and their teachers laugh and smile and make progress together as they develop unique strategies to build on individual interests.

7. Our Facilities Provide a Quality Learning Experience

To get the most out of any musical program it’s important to learn to play on the best instruments available. Here at Wendelken, we offer our students access to the best instruments and the best playing facilities including our Steinway Junior Concert Grand Piano, our new Yamaha U1 upright, and a studio-owned digital recorder for making professional-quality recordings!

8. We Believe in Building Confidence

At Wendelken Studio of Music, we believe that among the many benefits of learning how to play music, the ability to build confidence in our students is one of the most important. The confident student is not only a better student, but they are a happier student of music and a happier student of life.

9. We Are Committed to the Growth of Our Students

Here at Wendelken, we are committed to helping our students to grow through their music. We do this not only through our teaching of music itself but also through the encouragement of individual skills. By focusing on what our students are good at, what they enjoy, we help our students to develop strategies to grow that work with them.

We don’t all have the same strengths, so what good is it to teach everyone using the same strategies? It just doesn’t work!

10. We Offer a Well-Rounded Education in Music

Although we encourage creativity and growth of individual talent, we also encourage our students to have a well-rounded education in music. Unlike other schools that just offer basic piano lessons and have your child play the same scales over and over again, we provide a full education in all aspects of music. Musicianship lessons and music theory exams give your child a strong foundation for a broader understanding of music so our students understand the why and not just the how behind the music.

Excited to Join Our Family For Your Tampa Music Lessons

If you live near the heart of New Tampa and would like to give Tampa Piano School a try, give us a call at 813-978-1771 or drop by and pay us a visit! We’d love to show you around