Private Piano Lessons in Tampa: What Should Beginners Be Learning?

private piano lessons

When you make the choice to take private piano lessons in Tampa, your particular curriculum depends on the teacher that you select or the piano program that you choose. Although each teacher and program has a unique structure and focus, there are some basic building blocks that every beginner should learn from their instructor. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about those basics.

Private Piano Lessons in Tampa: What Should Beginners Be Learning?

Recognizing the Parts of the Piano

It may sound silly, but one of the first and most important steps in playing the piano is learning how to recognize the parts of the piano. This means identifying keys by note and position and identifying the different octaves of the keyboard as well as identifying the pedals and what each one is for.

This is the very basic building block of learning to play the piano and is akin to learning to identify the letters of the alphabet before learning how to read.

Recognizing the Notes

With a name for each note of the piano, you must now learn how to match those piano keys to the notes on the staff. Simply put, learning how to read the notes by name on a piece of sheet music.

Reading Music

Learning to read music is about more than just recognizing the notes, it’s also about understanding the other various elements of written music. This means being able to read the “flags”, “dots”, “ties”, “note values”, “rest values”, “beat values”, and “tempo”. All of these values play a part in the final piece of music through timing and duration.

Sharps, Flats, Naturals, and Keys

Musical notes are more than simple notes, they also have signatures that distinguish them as sharps, flats, whole tones, and semitones. These all give you more information about the spacing of the piano notes from each other.

Dynamics and Expression

In addition to key spacing, dynamics and expression are both important concepts to master when learning to play the piano. These elements give us more information on the volume and the softness or hardness of notes as we play them.


Scales may be “boring” but they’re an important part of mastering note placement and getting to know your piano keys. This makes playing those more complicated pieces much easier when you get to them later down the line.

The Importance of Practice

Perhaps one of the biggest things that you will learn as you begin taking the piano is the importance of practice. Practice doesn’t just lead to better playing, but it leads to you feeling more comfortable with playing and that’s what will lead to the biggest improvement in your playing!

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