Pianos For Sale: New Tampa Piano School Tips on Choosing the Right Piano

pianos for sale

Pianos for sale, if you’ve been scouring these classified ads or browsing your local piano store, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for. Of course, you know that you’re looking for pianos for sale, but what exactly are you looking for in those pianos? Today we have a few tips to help you to choose the right one!

Pianos For Sale: Choosing the Right Piano

Baby Grand, Grand, or Upright?

When shopping pianos for sale it’s important to know what type of piano you are looking for. Most people already know before they head out whether they are looking for a more compact upright piano, a richer sounding baby grand piano, or the oversized grand piano. This is a matter of both preference and practicality. Do you have space limitations or perhaps you live on the sixth floor and a larger piano just isn’t an option? You can learn to play on any piano, but for most piano players, the piano they choose to have at home is a matter of what they like the sound of most.

Know Your Budget

Shopping for a piano can be very much like shopping for a car. There are pianos that will break the bank, older classic pianos that have withstood the test of time and used pianos that need a little love but are more affordable. Your budget is going to determine which of these types of piano you can afford, but your personal preference is also going to impact your decision.

Listen to the Sound

Even once you know what type of piano you are looking for, you will need to play the piano you are contemplating buying to see how it sounds. Every piano sounds different depending on its shape, it’s manufacturer, how well it’s been cared for, and a variety of other factors. A piano that is out of tune can always be tuned, but you should also pay attention to the sound profile of a piano. Does the piano sound deep and mellow or perhaps it’s bright and cheerful? Know what type of sound you are looking for.

The Keys

Look at the condition of the piano keys, are they all shaped the same or does it look like some keys have been damaged or replaced? Do all of the keys make the same volume of sound? Do the keys have enough resistance?

The Brand

Brand loyalty is another personal preference thing, do you just like the sound of one brand over another? Do you enjoy how certain pianos are made over others?

A Guarantee

This generally doesn’t apply if you pick a piano up from a classified ad in the paper, but sometimes piano makers will provide long-lasting guarantees that can be transferred with the sale of the piano. Always ask about the warranty that a piano may be covered by and whether that warranty will transfer to your ownership when you buy the piano. Be sure, also, to find out what that warranty covers and whether it can legally be transferred to your name.

Not Looking For Pianos For Sale?

If you’re not looking for pianos for sale and would rather take piano lessons at a professional music academy, Wendelken Studio of Music is here for you! To find out more about our piano programs, justĀ give us a call atĀ 813-978-1771!