Piano Teachers: Tips on Leaving a Poor Quality Piano Teacher

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At Wendelken Studio of Music, we often get students who have left piano teachers who just didn’t provide the caliber of teaching that the student desired. While we would certainly love to welcome you to our family here at Tampa piano school, we hope that you don’t have a similar experience before you join us. If, however, you do feel stuck with a poor piano teacher and can’t find a way to leave them in search of a better teacher, we’re got some tips…

Piano Teachers: Tips on Leaving a Poor Quality Piano Teacher

Unfortunately, not every piano teacher out there is dedicated to the education of their students and their students’ success in music. This often means that students of music wind up with a poor quality piano teacher the first time that they endeavor to learn how to play. We hate to see this happen because here at Tampa Piano School, we value and nurture the musical talent of every one of our students. So, to help you to leave that poor quality piano teacher and to find one who is much better suited to your needs, here are a few of our tips for leaving a poor quality piano teacher…

Try Being Honest About Where You’re Going

You don’t have to be brutal here, but do let your piano teacher know that you are going to pursue piano lessons with another teacher. They would much rather hear this from you than hear about it or find out about it later down the road. If you feel that you can be honest with your teacher in this way, just let them know that you would like to try lessons with another teacher so that you can explore other teaching styles. You don’t have to explain further, and it may be better not to so that you can spare your teacher’s feelings. You may not care for their teaching style, but they are still human and there is no need to intentionally hurt them in the process of leaving.

Make Sure You Are Familiar With Payment and Leaving Policies

Different teachers and different music schools have different policies in regards to leaving and payment. For example, you may find that your teacher requires two weeks’ notice before being “let go”. You may also find that your teacher or music school has a no-refunds policy, so if you have paid for a full month and you decide to leave on the 5th of the month, know that you will not receive that money back. In this situation, it’s up to you whether you stay for the remaining lessons or whether you choose to lose the money.

Looking For Top Piano Teachers in Tampa?

If you’ve recently left a poor quality piano teacher and are looking for a reputable and skilled piano teacher in Tampa, Wendelken School of Music can help. To find out more about our piano lessons just give us a call today at 813-978-1771.