Helping Your Child to Blossom With Piano Lessons Tampa

Piano Lessons Tampa

Are you considering piano lessons Tampa? Have you been looking for a way to help your child to blossom both inside of school and out? Whether your child is experiencing setbacks at school or you feel that they would just benefit from a little more focus, piano lessons are a great way to bring structure and focus to their world!

Piano Lessons Tampa Children Can Enjoy

The Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts offers lessons on a variety of musical instruments, but by far, our pianos hold the biggest place in our heart. It is our hope that the sheer quality of our pianos combined with our strong love of music will encourage your child to really explore their own musical talent.

Our School

The Pianos

Here at the Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts, we know that the finer a piano, the better the playing experience and the richer the sound. It is for these reasons that we are very discerning when it comes to the pianos that we purchase for our school.

At the moment we have a Steinway Junior Concert Grand Piano (which is always a big favorite!), a new Yamaha U1 upright, and two digital electronic pianos for warm-ups and ensemble playing! This variety in instrument gives our students the opportunity to diversify their musical education while also experiencing just how varied the sound from a single instrument can be!

A Professional Caliber Recording Facility

Our school also has a studio-owned digital recorder that allows us to create professional-quality recordings right here in-house! Our recording facility replicates exactly the environments you would find in recording studios around the world, only you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees to create your recordings here.

Our Teachers

Certainly one of the most influential contributors to your child’s success here at Wendelken is our staff and teachers. Each of our teachers is certified in music performance (most with a Master’s underway or already in hand and some with double masters!) and carries a true passion for playing the piano. This passion combined with a fun yet inspirational environment for learning makes our music school the success that it is.

How Can Your Child Benefit From Learning the Piano with Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts?

An incredible facility with talented mentors, our school is dedicated to the growth of every one of our students. So, just how can your child benefit from learning the piano with us? Below are just a few of the many scientifically proven benefits of learning to play the piano with a credible music school like Wendelken.

1. Playing the Piano Helps Children to Focus

Playing the piano requires your child to focus, but unlike many other things in life, piano playing also gives your child results that they can hear and measure themselves. Seeing this relationship between focus and discernable improvement encourages your child to work harder and carry their dedication over to other areas of their life.

2. Playing the Piano Can Help with Math!

If your child has trouble with math or counting, learning to play the piano can help! A study by Martin F. Gardiner and his colleagues at the Center for the Study of Human Development at Brown University actually found that children with experience playing music had much improved mathematical skills over their non-musical counterparts!

3. Enhancing Language Skills

A study by Dr. Charles Limb found that children who played the piano showed brain function patterns similar to those seen when taking part in a linguistic activity. This means that as your child learns to read music and play the piano that they are exercising the language center of their brain as if learning a new language. There are a number of reasons why this is significant. Firstly, for children with communication difficulties learning to play the piano can exercise the linguistic center of the brain. Secondly, this means that your child’s brain is learning to read “new” languages while taking advantage of the plasticity of the juvenile language center of the brain.

4. Improving Reading Comprehension

A 1993 study in educational psychology found that children who had the ability to discriminate between pitch – like children who are learning to play the piano – have a better reading performance in the classroom. Additionally, children who learned to memorize music showed a much-improved level of reading comprehension as well!

5. Organization and Time Management

If your child has trouble with their organization or time management skills you might be surprised to learn that taking private piano lessons Tampa could help! A number of studies have found that children who learn to play a musical instrument are much better at timekeeping and organization as a result of their dedication to practice and the skills required to time a musical composition.

6. Hand-Eye Coordination Improvements

For children with difficulty in hand-eye coordination, the piano holds plenty of promise. As your child learns to play the piano, they strengthen their hand-eye coordination and this carries over into other aspects of their life – for example, playing the piano can help your baseball player to be a better pitcher!

7. Self Esteem Building

For some children, low self esteem can be a real detriment to every aspect of their life. These children often have trouble making friends, fail to attempt new activities for fear of failure, have a higher incidence of anxiety and depression, and have a tendency to underachieve. But did you know that by teaching your child how to play the piano you are boosting their self-esteem? As they experience small successes in their piano playing, children begin to feel a sense of accomplishment which carries over into all other aspects of their life!

Have You Considered Introducing Your Child to Piano Lessons Tampa?

Are you already personally familiar with the benefits of learning a musical instrument and want your child to have the same experience? Have you already been considering introducing your child to piano lessons in Tampa? It’s time to act now and get them heading down a path to success both inside of the classroom and out! Just give Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts a call today at 813-978-1771 and let’s get you started!