10 Benefits of Piano Lessons Tampa FL

10 Benefits of Piano Lessons Tampa FL

There are so many benefits of piano lessons Tampa FL residents can take advantage of, but today we’re looking at 10 of the most impressive!

10 Benefits of Piano Lessons Tampa FL

1. Piano Playing Induces a State of Wellbeing

Playing the piano has been shown to reduce blood pressure, respiration rates, and heart rate, all of which reduce anxiety and induce a state of wellbeing.

2. Playing the Piano Refines and Develops Fine Motor Skills

For younger children, developmentally delayed individuals, those recovering from injury, and elderly individuals, learning the piano helps to develop as well as refine fine motor skills.

3. Piano Playing Can Improve Memory

Research has found that learning to play the piano can improve memory exponentially which is beneficial for students, adults, those recovering from traumatic brain injury, and those with Alzheimer’s.

4. Playing the Piano Improves Spatial-Temporal Ability

Spatial-temporal ability plays a significant role in skills related to engineering, math, and science and playing the piano has shown to strengthen this ability.

5. Piano Playing Can Battle the Signs of Aging

Researchers have found that playing the piano can increase the natural levels of human growth hormone which in turn slows down signs of aging.

6. Playing the Piano Reduces the Incidence of Depression

Depression is a particularly common problem in teens and young adults, but research shows that playing the piano can reduce and even stave off depression!

7. Piano Playing Can Build Friendships

Some children (and adults) have difficulty socializing with others and this makes making friends difficult. Playing the piano not only increases self-confidence for these individuals, but it also creates an allure for others inviting them to approach and a sense of community among other players. Not to mention, the piano is a great way to bring together groups of strangers who share a love of music!

8. Playing the Piano Improves the Ability to Multi-task WITH Focus

Learning to play the piano not only improves the ability to multi-task but it has also been shown to act as a great tool for improving the focus of individuals with ADD.

9. Piano Playing Teaches Patience and Timing

An important aspect of playing the piano is learning how to time events correctly and not to rush into or through sections of music. Building this skill teaches a pianist to be patient in other aspects of their life and utilize timing efficiently as well!

10. Playing the Piano Helps to Regulate Stress Response

The physical changes mentioned above the induce a state of well-being are one reason why playing the piano helps to regulate the stress response. Additionally, the recitals and public playing associated with playing the piano help to desensitize individuals to the stress response. In short, piano players become used to playing under high-stress situations and after a performance or two, these situations become par for the course.

Ready to Reap Some of the Benefits of Piano Lessons Tampa FL?

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