Piano Lessons: Is Your Child Too Young to Start Learning the Piano?

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If you have been contemplating piano lessons for your child, you may also have been wondering whether they are old enough to begin taking piano lessons at all. Today we’re taking a look at what you need to know about your child’s age and beginning piano lessons with tips from the professionals!

Is Your Child Too Young For Piano Lessons?

The Number 5

While any child’s interest in music should be nurtured and the child should be allowed to explore and investigate on their own (or with a little informal direction), children under the age of 5 rarely do well with piano lessons. The reason for this being that even if your child has shown interest in learning to play the piano, at such a young age they lack the attention span and ability to focus that an older child has. This means that you are going to wind up paying a piano teacher to babysit your child because each lesson will become more of a lesson in redirection rather than learning. This also becomes a problem because, with constant redirection, your child is much less likely to enjoy their piano lessons which leads to an eventual petering out of interest.


A significant aspect of piano lessons and learning to become proficient at playing the piano is to receive instruction in various areas including music theory, music history, and even just the ability to read music. For much younger children, this poses a problem because many of the basic educational principles that your child needs to reference to learn these piano-related methods have not been learned yet. For example, a very young child may not know their alphabet proficiently and asking them to draw from their knowledge of the alphabet when learning to play music creates an obstacle because it’s knowledge that simply doesn’t exist yet or that exists in an unorganized lump of information.


It’s not uncommon for parents to push their child into learning the piano early because they’re under the impression that starting early will bring their child success. While there are a very few children for whom very early musical education results in such mastery, there are some, but don’t allow this to cloud your judgment when deciding whether your child is too young to begin taking piano lessons. Try to remember, that your child is just a child, give them room to be children, to play, to interact, to learn, to grow, then, when they are a little older and show slightly more discipline in their day to day life, give them the opportunity to take piano lessons. In the meantime, give your child room to play and tools to explore their love of music on their own.

Ready to Start Your Child With Piano Lessons?

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