Piano Lessons Near Me: Accessories Every Student Should Buy

piano lessons near me

When you hop online and search for “piano lessons near me” and you settle on a teacher who you feel is right for you, it’s important that you have the right accessories onboard to ensure that you get the most out of your piano lessons and your practice at home. Today, we want to talk a little bit about some of the accessories that will be most helpful to you.

Piano Lessons Near Me: Accessories Every Student Should Buy

A Good Piano Bench

If you have a piano at home, it’s important that you invest in a good piano bench. You don’t just want a piano bench that looks nice, you need a bench that is the right height for your piano. Grand pianos and upright pianos aren’t the same height and this will influence how comfortable you are while playing as well as influence your technical ability to play. Make sure that you choose a piano bench that is the right height for your particular type of piano. You also want to choose a piano bench that’s supportive. Not all piano benches are built in the same way and it’s best for your comfort to select a bench that has built-in support.

A Metronome

A metronome is a tool that helps you to keep a rhythm and it’s beneficial for any musician. A good quality metronome will help you to become a better pianist because it will teach you how to keep time so that you can learn what particular tempos and beats sound like. In time, you will be able to replicate tempos and beats without the assistance of a metronome because of your experience with the metronome.

Music Stand Light

It’s not just important for your eyes to have proper lighting on your sheet music, but it’s also important for your ability to read music. A good piano light will stop you from squinting while you play and it will also make sure that you see each note and direction in a piece of music so that you play it as it should be played.

A Pedal Extender

If your piano student is a child or just a little too short to reach the piano pedals, a pedal extender is an exceptionally beneficial tool. A pedal extender is an adjustable tool that works to bring the pedals closer to the pianist so that the piano player can perform a piece as it was intended to be played and learn how to use the piano pedals appropriately.

Still Searching For “Piano Lessons Near Me”?

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