Piano Lessons in Tampa: Benefits of Learning Piano in Adulthood

piano lessons in Tampa

Here at the Wendelken School of Music, we offer piano lessons in Tampa and the surrounding areas and we love seeing our students reap the many benefits of becoming musicians. While every one of our students enjoys these benefits, today we want to talk specifically about those that our adult students enjoy.

Piano Lessons in Tampa: Benefits of Learning Piano in Adulthood

Reversal of Cognitive Decline

As we age, our brains slow down when it comes to processing. This is particularly true when it comes to auditory processing. In a study by the Nina Kraus’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University in Evanston, Il, individuals who had been musicians throughout their lives showed a reversal in that decline in brain processing. They also showed a reversal in the decline of memory and inner ear hearing loss too! It’s not too late to start now and take advantage of these benefits!

Stress Relief

Depending on your lifestyle and your occupation, the average day can be incredibly stressful. This stress doesn’t just take a toll on your happiness, but it also makes you more prone to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, headaches, obesity, asthma, accelerated aging, gastrointestinal issues, and premature death. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s important to incorporate stress relief into your everyday routine. Piano playing has proven to be a great stress relief option and a wonderful way to counteract these negative effects of stress.

Creative Outlet

In today’s fast-paced society, few of us take the time to stop and enjoy life and let our creativity run wild. Adults who learn to play the piano are forced to take this time to be creative and step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and it has incredible health benefits! Creative people are happier, have lower blood pressure, have stronger immune systems, have better mental health, and have a lower risk of developing dementia!

Better Focus and Coordination

Learning to play the piano is an incredible tool for improving focus and coordination in all students, children, and adults. While playing, students learn how to read music and focus on the notes as well as coordinate what their fingers and feet are doing while they’re reading. These skills also carry over to other areas of life and can help students to create a more organized, more productive, and a better life overall!

Time Away From the Screen

These days we are all so absorbed in “the screen” that we fail to pay attention to the world and the people around us. This creates a sense of isolation and increases anxiety and depression. Learning to play the piano forces students to take time away from those glowing screens and pay attention to detail, something that often carries over into everyday life.

Are You Considering Taking Piano Lessons in Tampa?

If you’re considering taking piano lessons in Tampa, Wendelken School of Music welcomes the opportunity to teach you! To find out more about our music school and to arrange to come by and visit us, just give us a call today at 813-978-1771.