Piano Lessons For Beginners: What to Look For in Beginner Programs

piano lessons for beginners

Piano lessons for beginners are a great way to get anyone involved in playing the piano, but it’s important that you choose the right beginners program. Choosing the wrong program can deter any interested piano player and ruin their desire to play for a long time to come. So, what should you look for in a beginning piano lesson program?

Piano Lessons For Beginners: What to Look For in Beginner Programs

Look For Experienced Teachers

The first thing you want to do when looking for any piano lesson program is to look for a school with experienced teachers. Of course, all piano teachers have experience playing the piano, but we’re talking about teachers who have experience teaching. It takes a lot to be a good teacher and it takes time to get the experience needed to fit the role. This is why teachers who have been giving piano lessons for a few years or more are the best choice especially when it comes to beginners.

Look at the Environment

Some piano teachers teach in their own home, some teachers come to your home, and some teachers hold lessons in a designated location. For example, at Wendelken School of Music, we hold our lessons in our own facilities.

Depending on the student in question, one of these environments may be better than another. We find that teaching in our school facilities is better because it keeps distractions to a minimum but it also means that our students have access to quality and well-tuned instruments.

Choose a Program That Knows Beginners

Beginner piano players are not the same as advanced piano players so it’s important to choose a piano lesson program with someone who understands beginners. Some teachers have a preference for more advanced teaching and these teachers can get quite frustrated with beginner players because they find the work boring. Other teachers have a preference for beginners and are welcoming of the slower beginning pace and some schools or teachers (like ours) welcome students with all levels of skill because they have teachers who can teach at any level.

Find a Program That Focuses on More Than Just Scales

Piano scales are an important part of learning to play the piano, but it’s also important to find a well-rounded piano playing program that teaches other aspects of playing too. Teachers should be happy teaching a new student all aspects of music and not just stick a new student in the corner practicing scales over and over again!

Find a Program with Reputable Teachers

Choosing a teacher for beginner piano lessons is more than just finding a teacher you like, it’s also about finding a teacher who is reputable. You want a teacher who is known for being a good teacher as well as a teacher who has experience and recognition for their own skill.

Interested in Tampa Piano Lessons For Beginners?

If you live in the Tampa and New Tampa area and are looking for beginning piano lessons, Wendelken School of Music can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call today and tell us what we can do to help you to curate a love for music!