Piano Lesson on YouTube: Drawbacks to This Type of Learning

piano lesson on youtube

If you’ve ever watched or taken a piano lesson on YouTube, then you likely already know that it’s not the easiest way to learn. As the leading piano school in Tampa, we wanted to take a moment to share a few reasons why this is…

Piano Lesson on YouTube: Drawbacks to This Type of Learning

Ever wondered why just hopping on YouTube or another video platform isn’t the easiest way to learn the piano? Here are a few reasons…

Your Education is Limited

When you hop online and use just a video for guidance when you learn how to play the piano, you are limiting your education. Rather than learning the basic foundation of music and building on that foundation, you are jumping straight into playing the piano. While some people find this method of learning to be easier for them, for most people, it’s frustrating because the video instructor references terms that they are not familiar with and this means having to stop and go online to look up the information you are missing. This type of starting and stopping isn’t just inconvenient and frustrating, it slows your learning process too.

There Are Some Things You Can’t Learn Online

Another problem when learning to play the piano using only online videos is that there are some things that you can’t learn from watching an online video. For example, you can’t learn how to posture YOUR body to play most comfortably and still play well.

A Video Can’t Watch and Correct Your Mistakes

When you use an online video to learn how to play the piano, you may think that you are sitting with the correct posture, that you are holding your hands in the correct way, that you are breathing rhythmically…the problem is, though, that you don’t look at yourself as you are playing. Likewise, the person on the YouTube video that you are learning from isn’t looking at you either. When you have a piano teacher, however, you have someone who knows piano and the physical aspects of playing the piano and who can watch you playing in realtime. This means that when you do make a mistake – like sitting incorrectly – your teacher can correct you and watch for that mistake again in the future. This helps you to become a better pianist by avoiding developing bad habits that will only be harder to break as time goes on!

Looking For Alternatives to Piano Lesson on YouTube?

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