Piano Classes: 5 Signs It’s Time For Your Child to Begin Exploring Music

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Have you been contemplating piano classes for your child but you’re not entirely sure if it’s the right time for them? As a top music school in Tampa, we know a few of the signs that your child is ready to start their foray into music and today we’re going to share them with you!

Piano Classes: 5 Signs It’s Time For Your Child to Begin Exploring Music

1. Does Your Child Engage in Musical Activities?

Whether it’s make-believe play that centers around music and playing music or whether it’s regular involvement in school musical activities, engagement in these types of activities is a sign that your child has an interest in music that is ready to be given direction!

2. What is Your Child’s Reaction to Music?

If your child is genuinely engaged with music and finds pleasure and joy in most things music related, it’s a great sign that they are ready to investigate music further. Formal piano classes are usually postponed until children are at least 6 years old, but there are still plenty of opportunities to curate your child’s musical talents.

3. Is Your Child Interested in Instruments?

It could be an episode of Sesame Street about a particular musical instrument, it could be an attraction to a piano in a second-hand store, or it could be pre-occupation with the piano when visiting an elderly relative in a care home. No matter where you are, if your child shows a genuine interest in instruments, exploring them with touch, using them to make noise, etc. it’s a good sign that they are ready to take piano classes or other “formal” music classes.

4. Is Your Child Interested in a Sibling’s Music Lessons?

If your child has shown interest in music and begins to show interest in a sibling’s music lessons, it may be a sign that they, too, are ready to begin taking music lessons.

It’s important, however, to be able to distinguish whether your younger child is showing interest in something because their older sibling has it and they don’t or whether your child has a genuine interest in playing music themselves, so we don’t advise using this as the only indicator that your child is ready to play, but when accompanied by other signs, it may be a good indicator.

5. Does Your Child Show a Willingness to Practice?

Practicing is a huge part of learning any instrument not just for piano classes! Does your child have the self-discipline needed to practice the piano regularly once they begin taking piano classes? This can be difficult to judge for some parents, but if your child shows an ongoing interest in piano classes and has previously shown signs of the self-discipline needed to practice regularly, they may be ready to start playing!

Looking for Piano Classes in Tampa?

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