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Mary Wendelken

Founder & Director of Music, Piano Teacher (intermediate to advanced), Musicianship, Voice and Ensembles

Mary Wendelken came to New Tampa from England 22 years ago. A concert-trained pianist and protege’ of Tung Kwong-Kwong (from the direct teaching lineage of Beethoven, Liszt, Czerny, Haydn and others) and Piers Lane of the Royal Academy of Music, London and famous… Read more about Mary

Jelena Becejac

Jelena Becejac

Piano Instructor

As a little girl, Jelena Becejac grew up in Serbia and found solace in the beauty of the piano. She was strongly influenced by her first piano teacher whom she adored and was her role model. As a young artist, she was a participant in many international competitions and the recipient of numerous awards and prizes.