New Tampa Piano Teacher Offers Performance Anxiety Tips

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New Tampa Piano teacher Mary Wendelken has been teaching New Tampa piano students for more than 20-years! During that time, she has trained many students in the art of piano performance. It’s not unusual for first time performers to experience performance anxiety, so today, we’re sharing some great anxiety-reducing tips to help your piano player to unwind before their next performance!

New Tampa Piano Teacher Offers Performance Anxiety Tips

Preparing to perform a piano recital can lead to a whole range of anxiety induced symptoms including increased heart rate, trembling hands, excess sweating, rapid breathing, difficulty sleeping the night before, dry mouth, trouble speaking, and clammy hands. If you find yourself or someone you love experiencing these symptoms prior to a recital, try some of these tips to help you to relax!

Social Interaction

Studies have shown that socializing with friends and family can increase overall feelings of well-being and calm. So, if you’re feeling nervous and anxious before your piano recital, sit down with friends and have a chat, tell some jokes, and just be close. If you’re a hugging type of person, you can even hug friends or sit close to increase feelings of comfort and warmth and let go of the tension that comes with performance anxiety.

Have a Warm Drink

A study at Yale discovered that increasing the temperature of your hands by holding onto a warm drink can lessen your feelings of stress. How? Well, the body’s natural response to stress is to draw blood from the extremities and use it to supply oxygen-rich¬†blood to the major organs. When blood is taken from the extremities it causes them to go cold. By providing warmth to your hands (your extremities), you are counteracting this stress-response and counteracting the signals of stress being interpreted by your body. So wrap your hands around a cup of tea or coffee before getting started, plus, it’ll combat that cold and clammy feeling too!

Go For a Walk

There are multiple benefits to going for a walk outdoors when you start feeling the effects of anxiety. Walking, which is considered as exercise, releases endorphins which leave you feeling good, fresh air helps to clear your mind, taking yourself out of a stress-inducing environment will help to keep you distracted, and finding a peaceful place to walk can contribute to feelings of relaxation and wellbeing!

Listen to Music

Researchers have found that listening to music that you find to be cathartic via headphones, can both reduce your stress hormones and lower your blood pressure. Both of these effects have a beneficial result on your overall mental wellbeing and reduce your anxiety.


Studies have shown that meditation rewires the brain causing it to stress less and it can improve the overall mood and reduce anxiety!

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