Why New Tampa Piano School Tops the Competition!

New Tampa piano school

New Tampa Piano School has long been a staple in the New Tampa community but there are new schools cropping up all over the area, so what is it that makes our school the best choice for your New Tampa music needs? Allow us to explain…

Why New Tampa Piano School Tops the Competition


The Wendelken school of music has been a staple in the New Tampa area for 27 years and if that doesn’t speak for itself, we don’t know what does! For 27 years the residents of New Tampa have trusted our school and our exceptional teachers to provide them with a musical education and the opportunity to take part in performances that show off their newly acquired skills! If our teachers and teaching facilities weren’t tops, we wouldn’t have been present in the area for close to three decades!

Well-Educated and Experienced Teachers

Many of the new music schools that are popping up in the New Tampa area lack teachers who have experience and a solid education in music. Many of the music teachers around New Tampa are simply college students who are trying to make a little extra money, but Wendelken Studio of Music founder, Mary Wendelken, has a solid education in music education and piano practice and performance. She has won many awards and accolades for her achievements in piano performance and pedagogue.

It’s Not Only About Lessons

One of the most difficult challenges presented by many of the newer New Tampa piano schools is that they offer students nothing more thanĀ lessons. These lessons involve memorizing notes and finger placement and practicing those things until they are well learned. While this can be an effective method of teaching, it isn’t the way that Wendelken Studio of Music works.

When you employ the services of New Tampa Piano School Wendelken Studio of Music, you are ensuring that your child will receive a full and well-rounded education. This means that they will do more than memorize material, instead, they will learn music history, foundation principles of music, ensemble group playing principles, performance techniques, and they will also be afforded the opportunity to take part in piano recitals and performances once they feel that they have mastered particular skills.

Music at Wendelken School of Music in New Tampa, doesn’t believe in teaching AT your child, rather, they make music a fully immersive topic that provides your child with a stronger understanding of musical principles and more confidence in their musical ability.

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If you’ve been contemplating music lessons in the New Tampa area and you want the best caliber of education around, Wendelken Studio of Music is the place for you! Why not pick up the phone and give us a call today to schedule a tour of the school? You can reach us atĀ 813-978-1771!