Music Schools in Tampa FL Teach More Than Instruments

Music Schools in Tampa FL Teach More Than Instruments

Music schools in Tampa FL like Wendelken Studio of Music teach more than instruments. Like any good educational institution, Wendelken provides a well-rounded education that cultivates intellectual, psychological, and social growth. Each of these factors come as a hidden benefit of the creative environment and are just added perks of choosing a musical life!

How Music Schools in Tampa FL Provide a Well-rounded Education

Intellectual Education

Of course, learning the piano in a music school is a great way to expand intellectually. Not only will you learn skills like reading music, you will also learn how to understand and implement timing, learning music theory, and discover the life of composers in music history!

Many people think that learning to play an instrument is nothing more than learning how to read music and playing that music. There is much more to music than just the act of playing, however, it’s about learning where that music came from, how the composers of that music influenced history, and how the theory of music can be applied to other aspects of life!

Psychological Growth

Psychological growth is a crucial aspect of life no matter what age you are. Whether you are learning to overcome anxiety through music performance or to overcome psychological limitations you set on yourself following an injury through creativity, piano lessons have a significant impact on psychological development.

Take for example a war veteran who has experienced the loss of a leg. This devastating loss creates psychological limitations – anxiety over being a “different person”, depression related to physical changes, an “I can’t” attitude resulting from a lost sense of self… By taking up an instrument or another creative endeavor, this veteran can overcome these boundaries by calming the physical signs of psychological stress, knocking down those walls, and opening up a whole new world of possibility!

Social Growth

The ability for individuals to connect directly with each other is becoming increasingly difficult in this age of digital technology. Many of our children no longer have the skills necessary to even introduce themselves to their peers when they start a new school. Fortunately, exposing yourself to a musical education or another creative outlet can help to draw out that ability to be more social.

Take for example a child who is painfully shy and cannot talk to peers in a new school. This child will feel isolated, lonely, and overwhelmed. Now, if that child has a creative outlet like the piano where they are able to focus on communicating through music, their self-confidence will improve, they will find approaching peers easier and their peers will approach them to share in their talent too!

Are You Interested in Learning More About the Benefits of a Creative Lifestyle?

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