Cello Lessons: 10 Benefits of Learning to Play the Cello

cello lessons

If you are interested in taking cello lessons or are interested in your child taking cello lessons, there are a million and one reasons why you should. Today, we’re going to take a look at just ten of the benefits that can come with mastering the cello!

10 Benefits of Taking Cello Lessons

1. Learning to play the cello incorporates multiple learning styles including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. As your child learns through these varied styles, they broaden their learning capabilities in ways that can be beneficial in an academic setting.

2. Taking cello lessons uses and strengthens cognitive processes like sensory processing, multitasking, coordination, and the ability to categorize information. These are all skills that are beneficial in other areas of life!

3. Learning to play the cello (or any instrument) strengthens the memory’s ability to recall information. Continued learning ensures that even in adulthood, your memory recall is kept in prime condition!

4. Group performance is another great skill that can be learned while mastering the cello. As you learn to play musical compositions with other accompanying instruments, you learn how to work together with others.

5. Self-discipline is another important skill that your child can learn from taking cello lessons. In order to master the cello, it’s important that practice become a part of everyday life. The self-discipline required to keep up with daily practice is a skill that has proven beneficial in day to day life but also in occupational opportunities.

6. Taking cello lessons may eventually lead to taking part in musical performances that require a great deal of self-confidence as well as an ability to perform in front of or address large groups of people. This is a skill that can obviously carry over into the academic and professional realms of life.

7. When your child takes cello lessons (or any instrument for that matter!) they strengthen their skills base and show an ability to excel in juggling multiple roles at one time. These are skills that are appealing on both future college applications and resumes.

8. When learning to play the cello, you not only learn how to perform in solo pieces that are centered on nothing but you, but you also learn how to play a part of a group. These are skills that are beneficial academically as well as professionally!

9. Taking cello lessons is also great for your health. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument is both physically and mentally strengthening and in today’s day and age, we need all the strength we can get!

10. Taking cello lessons is a great way to stand out! Many children learn to play the piano or violin, but the cello is less often mastered. As it happens, learning to stand out from the crowd builds character as well as helps to put your CV a step above the rest!

Are You Interested in Taking Cello Lessons?

If you live in or around the New Tampa area and are interested in taking cello lessons, Wendelken Studio of Music is here for you! Why not give us a call and arrange to drop by and tour our school or make an appointment for a consultation with one of our teachers to see if cello lessons are right for you!