Best Tampa Piano Lessons: 5 Reasons Wendelken Studio of Music is Unsurpassed

best Tampa piano lessons

Wendelken Studio of Music is unsurpassed when it comes to the best Tampa piano lessons. Unlike other music schools, Wendelken Studio of Music doesn’t only focus on individual lessons, we believe in the culture of music. Along with our affiliate, The Royal Conservatory of Music, we seek to give everyone the opportunity to seek excellence in music and are committed to the growth and development of our students.

Best Tampa Piano Lessons: 5 Reasons Wendelken Studio of Music is Unsurpassed

1. Our Affiliation with The Royal Conservatory of Music

The Royal Conservatory of Music is one of the most respected music institutions in the world and Wendelken Piano School is lucky enough to have an affiliation with them. This gives us the opportunity to expose our students to a full and well-rounded music education that few other students are exposed to.

2. Our Facilities Offer More Than an Old Upright Piano

While there is certainly nothing wrong with playing on an old family heirloom piano, Wendelken Studio of Music wants to offer students the opportunity to really hear music the way it should be heard. This is what led us to invest in our Steinway Junior Concert Grand Piano!

3. Our Teachers Are Fully Dedicated to Music

Rather than offering piano lessons “on the side”, at Wendelken Studio of Music, our teachers are wholly devoted to music. This is exemplified by their musical accomplishments that were made possible from extensive music education and training at some of the top universities and music conservatories in the US and Europe! This doesn’t just mean more availability for students, it also means more dedicated teachers! Although, we should note that this level of dedication doesn’t mean that our teachers aren’t able to see the lighter side – just ask any of our current students!

4. We Offer More Than Solo Piano Lessons

Many of our students come to us looking for private piano lessons, yet they end up with experience in many other aspects of music too! One of our most enjoyable opportunities for students has been our group performance classes that allow students to get to know each other as well as learn how to play as a part of a group rather than solely as an individual.

5. We Are Active in the Music World

It may seem like a strange thing for a piano school to recognize as a benefit when it comes to proving that they offer the best Tampa piano lessons, but it’s an important thing all the same.

Some music teachers and even some music schools focus on nothing more than teaching students basic piano scales and nursery rhymes, not Wendelken School of Music! We immerse ourselves in the world of music and that means attending local music events and keeping up with music in the news and science community so that we can create a better understanding of music for our students too!

Looking For the Best Tampa Piano Lessons?

If you’re looking for the best Tampa piano lessons and the opportunity to absorb the culture of music, Wendelken School of Music is waiting for your call! Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at 813-978-1771.